s2payments + s2member

payment statistics

Why do we develop this plugin?

To find out exactly who are the best paying customers; What CCAPs are the most popular and how much we earned in 1 month.

List of Payments

Display a full list of all payments made on your membership site. Or filter only payments that you need search for.


Display all filtered payments in a nice graph that works similar to Paypal.

Filter by User Roles or CCAPs

The plugin automatically detects your active roles and you can also add CCAPs into the filter.

Never Miss Any Payment

Now you can track all payments easily, even multiple payments made by one user.

Filter by Currency

Do you use multiple currencies on your membership site? No problem!

Filter by Date

Set the period from which you want to display all payments.

Filter by Roles

Have a look which role is the most popular on your membership site.

Filter by CCAPs

As already mentioned, you can quickly filter payments that were made in order to purchase a certain CCAP.


We have developed a smart chart similar to the one you can find on Paypal. You can track your received money and also the number of transactions.

Search by Text

Are you searching for a specific user? Or even for a particular IP address? You can filter by those as well.


s2Payments never interfere with the transaction process. s2Payments is activated only after s2Member would confirm the transaction.


We support the newest version for of s2member together with Wordpress, starting with Wordpress 4.2


Do you have any problem? We are ready to help.