s2emails + s2member

Send automated emails

Why do we develop this plugin?

To make your customers feel more comfortable and welcome; To help you to communicate with them effortlessly and effectively.

Send emails after registration

Welcome your new users by saying "hi", present yourself and tell them that you are ready to help them in the case of any problem.

Send emails before expiration

Remind your users to renew their accounts and tell them you will miss them. Offer them a discount or give them an extra reason to extend their membership.

Send emails after expiration

Explain why it's a good idea to renew their membership and how you can help them now.

Send emails on visiting a page/post

The possibilities are unlimited with this option. Send personal emails only when your users access a particular post or a page; offer them a discount or send them some informational emails.

Send emails after changing the user's role (new!)

Has your user just upgraded the account? Thank him/her immediately after the upgrade.

Send emails after subscription cancellation (new!)

Did your user cancel a subscription on your website? The game is not over. Ask for a feedback or offer another reason to to stay.

Emails only for certain roles

Simply as that. Send emails only to users with certain roles

Unlimited automated emails

The plugin runs on your server, and you do not depend on any third party service.


Send automated emails also to users with certain CCAPs.

Two ways of the timer

Send emails after X days and X hours, or after X days AT a certain hour.

Email drafts

Not ready yet to start sending your automated emails? Deactivate them and continue working later.

Exclude a single user

You can turn off sending automated emails directly from the profile page of a certain user.

Double check

Stay at the hidden copy of ALL sent emails. Just to make sure.

Plain / HTML emails

You can choose to send plain or HTML emails. Please note: you will need to have the HTML already prepared before inserting it into s2emails.

Shortcodes in emails

Use shortcodes like {first_name} to create more personal salutation in the emails.

Cron job frequency

Set the frequency of checking for pending emails to be sent. 10, 20, or 30 minutes? It's up to you.

List of pending emails

Check all pending emails that ready to be sent. You also have the option to delete any pending emails you wish.

List of sent emails

Check all the emails that you have sent already.

Send test emails

Did you just create a new automated email? Send it to your inbox to check what your customers will see exactly.

Scan already registered users

When creating a new automated email, you can also scan and prepare pending emails for already registered users.


We support the newest version for of s2member together with Wordpress, starting with Wordpress 4.2

CC emails

Set different CC emails for each automated email.


Do you have any problem? We are ready to help.


Insert a special shortcode into the emails to give your users the option to opt out from your emails.

New password

Insert a shortcode to your email to let the user reset the password.

Current role

This shortcode will insert the current role of your user into the email.

Hi Guys & Girls, just joined the community forum today. I've been running an s2Membership site for the past 1 year.

As you all know email marketing is vital for us site owners. It builds trust, makes us look more professional, more rounded as a site but at the end of the day it gives our users a better experience.

We have been using s2Emails now for the past 6 months at least. I can't recommend it enough, Andrej has created a flawless plugin that I would say is a must for any site owner that is serious about building their business. Massive thank you to Andrej!
I had my own API made to work with their system and that worked well. I did just install their plugin just a few minutes ago to see if I like it better and I do, it gives me statistics on opens, clicks, bounces and spam reports without the need of logging into my account. This is much easier as it is a pain to use their site. I can confirm it works with SendGrid Version 1.10.2

I didn't know they had this so thanks for sending the link, made my great day even better.

Talk to you later and thanks again for making this awesome plugin.
I just bought this plugin today and it's fantastic. Very easy to set up. I did a test registration and waited to see if everything would work as it was supposed to...and it did. I just got the email.
A much needed plugin to add to s2member...thanks :)
Hey i would like to highly recommend this plugin, specially for the customer support from Andrej.
It's not common to have someone who is willing to add extra features in one week upon request. BTW the plugin is great :) Thank you

Emails when renewing account

Firstly we plan to add new types of emails to reach users who renew their accounts.

Emails when adding new CCAP

Another type of emails will be aimed for users who purchase a new .