About Us

Who are the people behind this project?

Andrej Staš Creator, Developer

Started this project in 2016, provides support for customers

Yassine Belkaid Developer (Modules)

Joined in 2016, develops s2plugins

Andrej is a Wordpress and Prestashop enthusiast. He started by developing these modules to make his workflow on his membership website smoother. He enjoys finding ways to make his life simpler, and that is the philosophy he incorporates into all his projects. Andrej is also interested in Amazon FBA, drop shipping, studying languages, and reading books.

Yassine is a senior PHP developer and enjoys writing flexible, well-thought-out, and reusable code. He is a Wordpress and Prestashop expert and consultant and has experience working on other platforms, such as Laravel, and Symfony. In his spare time, you can find him reading about programming, hanging out with friends or visiting family.